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Edge Squaring Machine

About our machines

Edge Squaring Machine that means succes to you for finishing notebooks

Edge Squaring Machine offered by Sikandar Machines is a very useful machine to flatten the spine of the books, exercise notebooks.

SOME FEATURES : Edge Squaring Machine Square shape of spine similar to Perfect Bound Books. Open books flat without any damage to spine. Print on the spine section. Square books are easy to handle for stacking and packing.

With  this Edge Squaring Machine ,The book/exercise Notebook is hydraulically pressed by pressure clamp beams to clamp the book/exercise Notebook, spine is pressed by rollers by hydraulic cylinder horizontly (adjustable to suit paper used) which is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Control) that can be set to desired results. 

Machine Size85 Cm 33"
Book Spine(Min-Max)5-70 mm(Best Results)
Book Height(Min)100 mm
Machine Space RequiredFront 140,Back 115 Height 100 Cms
Electrical Load / Motor2.25 KVA/3 H.P.
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity110 Ltrs.
Net Weight850 Kgs Approx
Gross Weight 1000 Kgs Approx
Edge squaring Machine

Edge Squaring Machine

Book Stitching Machine

CAPACITY 0.1mm to 16mm
SPEED 140 ttitches Per Minute
Electrical Load / Motor1/2 HP Motor
Shipment Volume52" x 28" x 32"
Net Weight150 Kg
Gross Weight225 Kg Approx.

Corner Cutting Machine

Corner Cutting Machine a very useful machine offered for cutting round corner shapes of notebooks and Corner Cutting Machine of files made by Sikandar Machines The Corner Cutting Machine press the corners by a clamp near the corners and the corners of the books are cut by dies at both corners simultaneously by two hydraulic cylinders which are controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Control). One of the head of the Corner Cutting Machine is adjustable so length of books or files up to 22 inches can be cut.

Table of machine Adjustable,  Die Travel Gap 4″ Motor 1 HP, Nett/Gross Wt.300/500 Kgs, Space 26″ x 36″ x65″

corner cutting machine

Corner Cutting Machine

Simple Paper Cutting Machine

PAPER CUTTING MACHINES, paper guillotines cutters, paper cutter hand operated,Ordinary Paper Cutting Machine

SIKANDAR Cutting Machines are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the theory and practical experience of many years of manufacturing.The best available raw material is used for long life and best workmanship.
All safety measures are used and the machines are best suited for right angle cut. The parts are fitted accurately and the back gauge slides in a square groove to ensure against any cross cutting.
Main Steel Parts are bright chrome nickel plated and the machine is best painted to give high class finished looks as well as best performance for long periods forever.
The Machine can be operated by hand as well as by power.

Simple Paper Cutting Machine
SIZE OF THE MACHINE (Cutting Length)18" 457 mm26" 660 mm.32" 813 mm.36" 914 mm.42" 1067 mm.
HEIGHT OF THE PILE (Cutting Height)3" 75 mm.3 1/2" 89 mm.4" 100 mm.4.5" 114 mm.5" 125 mm.
FLOOR SPACE40" x 52" 55"x70"62" x75"'75"x 80"7.5' x 7.5'
GROSS WEIGHT460 KG850 KG1080 KG1250 Kg1500 KG
NETT WEIGHT(APP)400 KG675 KG850 KG1050 KG1300 KG
POWER REQUIRED with motor1/2 HP1 HP1 HP2 HP2 HP
Steel Knives 2Motor Stand 1Spanners 2Screw Drivers 1Oil Can 1

Simple Paper Cutting Machine above video is part 1

automatic notebook stitching folding squaring machine

Automatic Notebook Stitching Folding Squaring Machine
Suitable for One Meter Long Notebook of about 192 pages 8 mm thick
Select any number of staple stitches between twelve stitches & any gap in between pins
Each stitch controlled by servo motor is set correctly at same postion of each notebook
3 AC drives with motors are used, 2 Servo Motors and one 3 HP 3 Phase for Hydraulic power pack

automatic notebook stitching folding squaring machine

automatic notebook stitching folding squaring machine

Automatic Notebook Stitching Folding Squaring Machine offered by Sikandar Machines is a very useful machine to make notebooks, with this machine Stitching, Folding & back squaring is done automatically. .