Book Title Creasing Machine

Book Title Creasing Machine manufactured by Sikandar Machines.

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Book Title Creasing Machine

Half Cut Sticker Label Cutting Machine

Book Title Creasing Machine: STANDARD SUPPLY & ORDER : The Size of machine is 24"
Title Creasing or Bending of papers of multipurpose usage .
It may be interchanged to each other as per customer requirements.
The machine can be ordered for different numbers of discs,may be four or six or eight.
Eight holders is standrad supply,it may be all half cuts or Creaser or Perforaters.
Minimum gap between two cutters is 3/4"& about 23 holders can be fitted on this machine as an optional requirements which is most useful in Half cutting.While ordering please specify your requirement clearly for what main purpose the machine is needed.The machine can be taylor made to any size and any requirements as mentioned.
ELECTRIC POWER : The machine runs with DC or AC Motor 1/2H.P.(as per customer order) All electrical controll is inbuilt in the machine electric penal.The customer simply need the 220 Volts AC supply 50Hz as a standard Domestic supply in India.Simply plug in and run the machine.