Box Stitcher

Box Stitching Machine Manufactured by Sikandar Machines.

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Box Stitching Machine

Box Stitching Machine
Box Stitching Machine

Most suitable for card board & corrugated boxes, available in Angular & Straight Models.

Other Models Bottom Sealing Stitcher, Flap Sealing Stitcher, Bottom cum Flap Stitcher

All working parts are made from best quality material using appropriate metals required for the best running life with precision accuracy.

All the parts used in Box Stitching Machine are standard in sizes & spares whenever needed can be easily changed & are easily available, Adjustable feed upto 5/16"


SIZES 20",30",36",42" & 60" arm length
CAPACITY 2 to 9 corrugation ply
STITCHING WIRE 12/25,14/25 & 17/25 S.W.G.
SPEED 300 Stitches Per Minute
Electrical Load / Motor 1/2 HP Motor